5 Signs That You Need a Puppy


 Welcome! If you are seeking a cute poodle or goldendoodle puppy you have come to the right place. Located in Millersburg Ohio Gold Star Family Poodles Strives to bring you the best poodle or goldendoodle you have ever seen. 

 If you are serious about wanting a puppy Gold Star Family Poodles offers two types of dogs, poodles and goldendoodles. Gold Star Family Poodles ensure that every poodle is played with by children to make sure he will not have any trouble transferring from our home to yours.

1. If You Are Lonely

 We all know the feeling, you get a pint of ice cream out of the freezer and sit on your couch to watch a movie. Suddenly you remember you don't have anybody to share your ice cream with! I think it's time to get a puppy my friend. Some people say that getting a puppy will prepare you for raising a child, however I feel like dogs and children are different, but I'm just an idiot who writes blog posts.

2. If you Find Yourself Getting Bored Easily

 If you fall into this category you might be a millennial. I am going to tell you what to do if you get bored, take a selfie! I'm just Kidding get a puppy dude it will change your life my friend.

 The only problem with getting a puppy is that you will not get as much sleep as desired, because the puppy will wake up early in the morning and jump on you until you wake up.

3. If you Don't Know What to do on a Weekend

 You did it you have accomplished another week of work and it is now Saturday, the only problem is your're a stick in the mud and you don't have any friends. I have a solution for you, all you have to do is get a puppy and that will keep you busy for a long time.

4. if you are single

 This is another problem that is plaguing most of america, and as with any other problem it can be solved with an adorable puppy.

 Ex. Global Warming = problem   Global Warming + Puppy = problem solved.

5. If you are reading this post

 Another reason you need a puppy is you are reading this post. Let's be honest here, you want a puppy, well I have news for you, you found the best poodle and goldendoodle breeder in Ohio. I will talk about the puppies later.

 If any of these reasons applies to you please consider getting a puppy. These dogs will bring joy to your life, however if you are not one of those people a puppy may do more harm then good.


 If you are unfamiliar with poodles I will explain their history. The poodle is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. The poodle is thought to have originated in France, however they actually are of German heritage.

When you think of a poodle you normally think of stuck up egocentric show dog. Surprisingly these dogs were basically work horses and were bred for hunting, their coat of fur is water resistant which makes them a good dog for duck hunting.

 One of the poodle breeds is called  the Truffle dog, why is it called this you may ask? This dog is called this because it is good at hunting truffles. The Truffle dog is ideal for this job because it is of relatively small size, and because of this the dog is able to dig for truffles without damaging them or the area around them.

 Gold Star Family Poodles dose not breed this dog but this is a cooll bit of information.


 Goldendoodles were first bred in 1969 to be guide dogs, but this breed stared gaining traction around 1990 because of the non-shedding abilities of the poodle and the temperament of the golden retriever.

 These dogs are commonly used as pets, search and rescue dogs, guide and therapy dogs, but their loyalty and patience make them the ideal family dog. As stated before poodles are bred for retrieving and hunting and golden retrievers are bred for helping people.

 So if you decide to get a goldendoodle you can bet your life on it that with these attributes your puppy will grow up to be a great dog.


 Now it is time to tell you about the parents of the puppies that Gold Star Family Poodles Bread. Gold Star Family Poodles has five adult dogs. Three of which are poodle females and one poodle male and the last one is a golden retriever female.

 The parents of the puppies are all AKC registered and have nothing wrong with their blood lines which assures you that the puppy you are getting will have nothing genetically wrong with it.

 You can see each dogs pedigree and certificate of health on the "Parents" page of the website.


 We can ship your puppy by air or on the ground, there are some rules you will have to follow when shipping your puppy. I will do some condensing, if you want the full list of rules click here.​

 The crate must be big enough for the dog to stand up in but not touch the roof. Your puppy must be a minimum of 8 weeks old to fly and at no point in the flight can the inside temperature reach 20 degrees or 80 degrees.

 Congratulations you made it to the end of the post, your're a trooper my friend. If you liked what you read please share this with all your friends and if you didn't you are entitled to your own opinion. (but please leave)

 If you are interested in a poodle or a goldendoodle puppy act fast because we only have a few left and they are going as fast as you can say crackers.