A great breeder, and amazing quality bloodlines


Wanted to wait until Winston here was about 5 or 6 months to leave a review, I can’t say enough about Leroy, great guy, extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
So we always wanted a red standard, and my girlfriend (future wife) sent me a link to Gold Star right before Christmas 2019, kinda played around with the idea for a while seeing how we already had a little rat terrier, and ended up deciding that a new addition would be a great Christmas present. At the time they only had a couple males left out of the litter, so after a phonecall we jumped in the car and drove down from Cleveland Ohio to check some of them out. I should mention, that she had already kinda fell in love with this little guy from his picture, lol, and when we got there Leroy was a pleasure to work with, he ran us through his program, answered any questions, and even introduced us to all the parents. I can safely say that the experience was great, and he even followed up with us a couple times via phonecalls to ask how everybody was getting on! As far as our (little?) Winston, everybody that sees this little guy immediately falls in love with him, his temperament is amazing, he’s smart as a whip, and gets along great with our little spoiled brat of a rat terrier, lol..
We have a mobile family vet that we’ve used for years, and she raves about his health and temperament, his health has been IMPECCABLE, and I can’t stress this enough. If you’re on the fence, don’t be, Leroy is a great guy, these dogs and their parents are raised right alongside his loving family as advertised, I can attest to this because I met the parents personally, so I’m kinda taken aback, and even a little angered by the guy that left a bad review. I can testify that that guy that left the bad review has zero clue what he’s talking about.. anyway, thanks Leroy, we appreciate the great experience, all the help and input, and although we’re probably done at two doggo’s in this household, if we ever get the bug again, we absolutely will be back, lol. I can’t recommend this breeder enough to anyone interested

Steve Bohla
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